November 17, 2009

Some traders are, well.... Read on.

So, I see this great offer on the web for a Nokia 1661 phone on T-Mobile PAYG for £14.99 with free P&P. Sounds good, right? The phone works out at £9.99, which is not bad, even for a really basic phone like this one. I only want it to have minimal coverage in areas where there isn't O2 coverage, I'm not going to be using it as my main communications device.

I placed the order on Friday evening. Maybe I should've guessed something would go wrong since it was Friday 13th...

Fast forward to Monday 16th. I expected them to do something about the order that day and the order status to change from "being processed". Nothing did happen.

Earlier today, Tuesday 17th, I checked back on the website and saw that the order status was "cancelled".

What the.....? Why is this and why was I not informed? I called them to find out.

It turns out that the online store had run out of stock. Surprise surprise... Apparently, I could place the order by phone, but they would charge £3.99 for P&P, bringing the total price of the order up to £18.98.

I countered by saying that the website indicated that there would be no P&P. The person I spoke to replied "There are some terms & conditions". I countered again by saying that the website was explicit in saying that postage by Royal Mail was free of charge and that it was difficult to see how there was any wiggle room for terms and conditions. The salesperson then changed her story and claimed that P&P is not charged only if orders are placed on the website.

This all sounded rather fishy to me. It seems obvious that the cheap price on the website is simply bait to lure the punter in. It then becomes impossible to fulfill the order and the punter is encouraged to spend a bit more money than originally intended for the same thing.

The conclusion of this is very simple. Don't shop at!

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