September 02, 2009

When copyright protection defeats its own purpose...

Is it just me or do other people find this extremely annoying and patronising?

So, I go out and buy a legitimate DVD-Video from a legitimate store, get home, stick it in my DVD player and expect to be able to watch the film on the DVD.

Can I?

Hell, no!

I am now FORCED to sit through a video sequence telling me that piracy of DVD-Videos is illegal. I can't skip past it. I then have to sit through a slideshow of copyright notices and contact details for anti-piracy organisations in the UK. I can't skip past that either.

Has it not dawned on the people who design these damn stupid sequences that they're showing them to the wrong people? It's absolutely infuriating! I know that piracy is the source of all evil in this world, which is why I go out and buy legitimate discs. Anyone who buys a DVD on which that sequence appears has already done the right thing and doesn't need to be told.

Is it any wonder people make bootleg copies of videos if they otherwise have to sit through all that nonsense before they can actually see the programme they've paid to see?


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