December 13, 2008

The British Gas saga continues...

On December 3rd I posted an article here describing the unhelpful way in which British Gas dealt with a complaint we made after their deceitful methods of trying to increase our so-called protected price plan by 131%.

It was agreed after our last call to them on November 29th that they would reimburse us the £31 over-payment made on the gas bills. We were told that the funds would be transferred to our bank within 5 working days. Even allowing for the slowness of the UK banking system, where a money transfer can take up to 5 working days to appear on the recipient's statement, we should have seen something appear by today and, needless to say, we've seen nothing appear.

So, as well as being incompetent, British Gas are economical with the truth. It seems fairly obvious that they have no intention of paying up.

Obviously, this blog entry will be updated if something does turn up.

Update: The £31.75 appeared on the bank account on Tuesday Dec. 23rd. So, they promised us around £160 on Nov. 13th and we got less than a quarter of that after six weeks and two calls to chase them up. How's that for efficiency…

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