January 14, 2008

Why no photos?

Hi again,

Just a short entry to answer a question asked of me not just by Pamela (see comment on previous post) but also by other people directly by e-mail or on the phone or in person. "Why no photos on your blog?"

The answer to that is easy. The weather in January up in the Northwest of England is hardly conducive to taking nice outdoors pictures. As for indoors photos, I think the house needs tidying up a little before we show it off to the outside world...

I am a devout cat-lover, though. Mollie the tortoiseshell cat has probably been photographed more over the past few months than in the rest of her nine lives, and this little snapshot shows how endearing she can be:


Pamela said...

Great pictures! :-)I look forward to the Spring, not only more sun but also more pictures made by you... ;-)

Take care! Pamela

Pamela said...

Ik kijk dagelijks om te zien of het weer beter is dan bij ons. Maar aangezien er nog geen foto's op je blog staan van de zon, neem ik aan dat het weer nog niet super is bij je.
Groetjes, Pamela

Pamela said...


Spring has arrived here and I heard from friends in England that it is spring there too. So I look forward to some amazing spring pictures! :-)

Groetjes, Pamela